Holographic Computer

No Glasses Required

Awesome Technology

Welcome Nex-Generation Innovation. Say goodbye to legacy VR and AR technologies ! Stay in touch for realeas notes and dates.

Interact with Real World

Our device allows to Interact with Real World without limitations.

Explore Surround Objects

Explore the new wolrd of things. Go beyond your imaginations!

Control Past and Future

No Comments. Just wait for realese. Nothing impossible !

Play Games

Holographic games it's a special moment. Be prepared !

Design & Architect

Boost your creativity skills to unexpected results.

Real Touch

It's outstanding when you touch hologprahic and interact with it.

Digital Things

What is YouLoox Holographic Computer ?

YouLoox holographic computer is based on the concept of augmented and virtual reality with advanced modifications that provides a magic experience in the way humans interact with the real physical world and holographic universe. With YouLoox holographic technology you’ll be able to do the following.


Watch different types of holographic clips, movies, tv


Communicate with other people using holographic calls


Design and develop holographic content


YouLoox Vision

Our world is ready for a brand new technological adventure. Progress in the electronics industry over the past 10 years is unbelievable. Recent advances now make it possible to build outstanding technical devices with the potential to change the world.

YouLoox is proud that its holographic technology is part of this great tech adventure. Imagine a world where physical goods and services can easily be replaced by holographic technology – think of the enormous benefits for the environment!

We cut down millions of trees every year. Overproduction is making our air and water more and more unhealthy. Look around. What items would you be prepared to give up if YouLoox replaced them with their new technology? A painting, a vase, your TV maybe, your keyboard, your computer? Virtual replacements of these and many other items are already in the pipeline. We are only temporary residents on this planet, and it’s up to us to keep it safe for future generations. Innovative technologies provide the means to do amazing things for the good of the environment, for our children and for mankind as a whole. Let’s start doing them together, and let’s start doing them now.

Virtual Shopping